The Choir and College Life

St Peter’s Choir strikes Sarah Godleean extremely good balance between hard work and friendly fun. It has the benefit of being the ‘best of both’ as we have a Director of Music, as well as two highly enthusiastic organ scholars.

The choir is made up of students studying a multitude of subjects from music to medicine, and it has been a great way of getting to know people away from my subject and college circles. Because we only meet twice a week, everyone knuckles down and works hard to produce a high standard of choral singing.

On top of choir commitments, many of the members are involved in a variety of different extra curricular activities. As well as my commitments in college, I am a member of the University Orchestra and I sing regularly for Sunday morning services around Oxford. We are strongly encouraged to pursue choral singing outside Oxford, and as a member of The Rodolfus Choir I am lucky enough to be going on tour to New York this Easter.

Currently amongst the St Peter’s ranks, are members of The National Youth Choir, as well as countless other instrumentalists who play a huge role in the music making both in college and the University. In addition to music, sport plays a big part of my life in Oxford. I play netball for St Peter’s and the University, and recently I have been made captain of the blues team. The choir boasts rowers, footballers, squash, tennis, real tennis, polo, and rugby players, who all bring diversity to the life of the choir.

The social side of the choir is also very important and throughout each year we become an ever more closely knit community aided by weekly formals, trips, concerts and tours.

Sarah Godlee, Second Year.

ASocial Secretarieslice Robinson (English), and Rosie Shennan (Geography), both second year students, are the Choir’s Social Secretaries. They take responsibility for the activities of the Choir outside the advertised liturgical services, and concerts. 

10968575_10153071819883536_786325669540390653_nBoth Oli Dinwoodie (Baritone Choral Scholar, Music) and Alex Halliday (Alto Choral Scholar, Theology) have been heavily involved with charity-work in Oxford since their arrival. Currently they administrate fundraising on behalf of St Peter’s JCR and regularly and consistently participate on all levels of charitable work within the wider University and City. On any given night they are found out on the Cornmarket and St Giles assisting the homeless population in the city. The duo hitchhiked to Rennes, in Brittany, FR, as part of Oxford University’s ‘Raise And Give’ (RAG) efforts. They raised £1000 of the total collective sum of £25,000 during this effort!